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Morningside can help you solve employment needs in your business.  We can design jobs to help your business grow and prosper…and improve employee morale.

Some of the (no-cost) services that we offer include: business analysis and job description proposals, employee recruitment, ADA diversity trainings, job coaching a.k.a. employee training & follow-along support. Email us to schedule your first meeting with one of our Job Developers!


Melanie-RansomOBee Credit Union had a problem.  Their lunchroom and lobby coffee supplies were a mess and it took too much time away from the busy tellers to clean and resupply.  Morningside to the rescue.  Melanie Ransom, VP HR had heard about Morningside services and decided to give them a call.  Morningside gave OBee a proposal to solve their problem.  Problem fixed.  Solution – OBee created a new position called Branch Caretaker and hired 3 persons to perform a variety of cleaning and resupply functions.  Now the lunchroom is clean and tidy and the lobby coffee is resupplied for customers to enjoy.




Washington State, Department of Corrections saw the potential in a long term employee.  Devon Schrum, Director of Reentry and Norm Caldwell, Grievance Program Manager supervise Diana Jorgenson preforming a myriad of tasks in their office.  Diana has worked at the Department of Corrections of 15 years and loves her job.  She verifies data bases to ensure document integrity.  She delivers mail and other assorted jobs to assist the department.  She is a valued employee and positive co-worker to her teammates.  (see video below)