Kismet (ˈkɪzmɛt)
2. fate or destiny

Have you ever walked into a store and instantly felt a kinship, drawn into its presence like a magnet observing the ambiance and catching the eye of enthusiastic sales people? I had such an experience in Aberdeen recently when photographing a client for our upcoming 2010 Annual Report and had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Popcorn Café. If you are in Aberdeen or driving through on your way to the ocean you need to drop in to this charming popcorn and coffee house in the heart of Aberdeen. You can choose from one of their many popcorn flavored delicacies and maybe try a cappuccino or latte. Look for it on the corner of Wishkah and Broadway heading into town on 101.

I was drawn to the friendly wait staff including the client we support who does “outside” (literally) sales by taking his popcorn cart and going to other businesses in town peddling his wares on foot. The owner, Celia Barry, is one of the most pleasant, positive people I have met. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her while I was taking pictures and disrupting business a bit. She is the quintessential small business entrepreneur. She is outgoing, and seems to have boundless energy along with a very positive attitude. Presented with the opportunity to hire a client, she saw the positive and how to use his strengths of sales and out-going personality to her advantage to start another revenue stream. Innovative, you bet! It’s also a family business as her mother helps make the gluten free brownies, cookies and other tasty morsels beckoning from the display case. Innovation, energy, and a wonderful product a recipe for success at the Popcorn Café!

So stop in the next time you are in Aberdeen….it will be worth your while.


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