Morningside Road Challenge 2011

The 2011 Morningside Road Challenge was fun!!!! This event is growing each year and this year we had more people come in costume.

Here is the winner of the “Best Dressed” costume award.
For the second year Alisha Blain and Stephanie Scott have worn coordinated outfits.  Note the matching accessories!


And best corporate “dressed” needs to go to First Citizens.

I hope everyone who participated had a great time. This year Lucas Doelman who is both a board member and a client gave a wonderful talk from his point of view of our staff who are dedicated, motivated and strive for success. He did a masterful job from his perspective on how these attributes are important in one’s life, how it related to him and how our staff exemplify this in their daily work supporting individuals with disabilities. I trust attendees at the ride took away how wonderful and dedicated our staff are.

So in the spirit of the Road Challenge 2011 – “How do you Ride?”  We hope well until our 2012 Road Challenge.  See you then.


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