Once referred, a meeting will be scheduled to talk with you about both your involvement, as well as Morningside’s involvement in finding the right job for you.  Intake meetings can occur at each of our offices, at school, a government building or a private residence, depending on customer preference.

During this conversational meeting, we will ask questions as to what type of work you would like, what type of learning styles work best for you, and what your dreams and goals are for your future. Morningside’s process is individualized and we will listen and take notes of what you tell us as we would like to know what you feel is best for you.

Required Documentation – Morningside is required to obtain certain information at this meeting, such as a government photo ID card and your social security card. Morningside is committed to your privacy and takes special steps to safeguard your personal information. Morningside cannot contact anyone without your written permission and as such we will ask you to sign release forms, so that we are able to contact anyone you would like to be involved in this process.

Once the meeting is completed, Morningside will provide you with the next steps in the process of finding the right job for you.