Our Transition program is designed for high school students between the ages of 17 and 21 who are receiving educational services under an Individual Education Plan (IEP). These students are moving toward the promising, but challenging day when they will leave school and step into the adult world of work. Because young people with disabilities graduating are at such a crucial juncture in their lives, the High School Transition program helps students assemble the building blocks for success by preparing them for a successful employment experience and the world of adult services.

In collaboration with the schools in each region, Morningside’s Transition Coordinators guide students through vocational exploration, employment planning, community-based assessments and eventual job placement. Ongoing employment support (job coaching) is provided to assist in successful school-to-work transitions.

The goal of the program is for each participating student to have obtained permanent, paid employment upon high school graduation.

Referrals are accepted from the schools with funding provided by schools, the counties in which students are located, and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

For more information on what employment supports are available for Transition students, download the handout. Informing Families-Building Trust Employment Services Handout

Visit Informing Families website for more general information on Transition.

For more information on what Department of Vocational Rehabilitation supports are available to Transition students, download their publication. DVR Transition Booklet


Morningside has participated in School-to-Work in Thurston, Clallam and Pierce Counties, in some cases since 1992.

School-to-Work is a multi-faceted effort to start employment services early by combining school district, county and state funds (these partnerships may differ depending on the region) and help students become employed before graduating from their High School Transition program. This effort allows students to have more work experience on their resume, reduce the amount of time students sit at home, waiting for work and often losing skills and offers them a seamless transition from the world of School (entitlement based services) to the adult service world (eligibility based).
Click here to learn more about School-to-Work in Thurston County or School-to-Work Pierce County.