Morningside provides recruitment, consulting, employee training, job analysis and coaching services at no cost to employers. Our professional staff will assist in utilizing the talents and skills of applicants with disabilities in your work place. Applicants are searching for a variety of positions in different industries, seeking part-time to full-time positions depending on business needs. The right match between our participants’ skills and your employment needs is crucial to our mutual success. As Greg Stormans, owner of Ralph’s and Bayview Markets, puts it, “Why wouldn’t you team up with Morningside?”

Reduce hiring costs

Our job placement service matches qualified, pre-screened employees with disabilities to the right positions in your business.

Lower Labor and Training costs

Morningside will provide on-the-job assistance for newly hired workers as long as is needed. We can provide your business with expert training, consultation and resources which can benefit all of your workers.

Additional Potential Economic Benefits

You will receive up-to-date information on tax credits for hiring workers with disabilities, plus resources for work site modifications, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and accommodations.

Lower Turnover Rates

Pizza Hut shared their statistics, among non-disabled workers, entry level turnover is 250% annually; among its employees with disabilities, the rate is 32% and in 10 states, by adding a “mentor” brought turnover down to 2% in this population. Supported Employees are a great investment.

Talent Utilization

Maximize workforce efficiency by freeing up highly paid workers from routine tasks and create an opportunity to hire. We can develop a detailed analysis of target positions and can suggest work flow alternatives that are more efficient, saving your company time and money.

Increased Customer Base

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans has a disability, resulting in over 56 million Americans with disabilities, who are the largest minority group in the USA and represent over 1 Trillion dollars in aggregate income. In addition to persons with disabilities, friends and family members are more likely to become customers, having the highest regard for companies that support inclusion.