Morningside has been serving students through the School-to-Work program in Pierce County, since 2015. Currently, we are performing outreach to various school district partners.

The process for a School-to-Work student who initiates employment services is very similar to other job seekers that enter into service with Morningside.

1). Intake: General information is gathered and funding is determined by school district & Pierce County via an application process.

2). Discovery: Students discover work interests, skills, capacities with the help of Morningside staff & Transition staff. Students participate in Person Centered Planning, job tours & gain soft skill training.

3). Internships: Students are matched with Internship sites, or new sites are developed to match their interests & partner with Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).
4). Job Development: Students and Morningside staff seek to find paid work, based on what they learned and experienced throughout the school year.

5). Training: Once a job is obtained, the level of support needed is determined by the student and their team (DVR, Pierce County, DDA, Morningside staff, residential supports/family). Morningside is then contracted to provide that desired level of support to result in a successful training period.

6). Long Term Supports: After the initial training period is over, individuals may determine that they need ongoing job coaching support where they would enter in our Employment Services Program through Pierce County.

To learn more about School-To-Work or Transition Services in Pierce County, email us.

Click here to read the Pierce County; School-to-Work Guide