Employment Services

Employment services are designed for individuals who desire the opportunity to seek paid employment in their community and need intensive training and ongoing support to achieve and maintain employment.

We offer these services in Thurston, Clallam, Grays HarborLewis & Pierce Counties. Click on each county to find out more.

Based on the vocational goals of the participant, our professional job developers seek out employment situations that meet the specific criteria of the individual. In many cases, jobs can be discovered after an analysis indicates that certain tasks can be grouped together to establish a position that meets the particular skills and strengths of the participant. For example, a business may have an office environment in which employees must do their own scanning. By setting up a position that enables scanning to be accomplished for the entire office, an individual who might once have been seen as having limited skills can learn to perform the duties. This becomes a time-saver for the organization and enables other employees to be more efficient in their primary responsibilities – a win-win situation for everyone.

After a position is secured, skilled job coaches set up a training plan with the employer+ employee. The training phase continues until the employee learns the job and is stable in his or her position.

Training is provided to co-workers to increase their ability to support the new employee. Comments about improvements in work place morale and a greater sense of teamwork among staff members are just some of the favorable remarks we’ve received from employers involved with the Employment Services program through Morningside.

Once the training phase is completed, ongoing support is provided.

Depending upon the specific needs of the employer and employee, contact can vary from daily to bi-weekly on an as needed basis.

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