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The Olympian ran an article on the front page of Sunday’s Living Section entitled “It’s all about Perspective. This article written by Molly Gilmore tells a story about Kathleen Avery, a client of Morningside and the partnership with Steve Vento a local professional photographer who has taken Kathleen under his wing. Steve has helped her in many ways, from developing a stand mounted on her wheelchair to hold her camera to advice on photography art. He also has put together with her a show of her work that will be in Arts Walk. (see below)
I happened to be with the troop taking pictures at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge because I wanted to take my own photograph to be used in our Annual Report that will be published soon and was very impressed with the community coming together to assist a person who has a dream of becoming a commercial photographer. It was a rather drizzling spring day and I was competing with Steve Bloom, The Olympian’s venerable photographer to get a good angle to visually depict this relationship but kept witnessing a very unique and beautiful sight of someone sharing their knowledge to help another person learn.

Exhibit     ‘A View from a Wheelchair’

What: Kathleen Avery’s first photography exhibit, which will be part of Arts Walk XLII.

When: 5-10 p.m. this Friday and noon-8 p.m. Saturday (she will be onsite at 6:00 p.m. Friday)

Where: Canvas Works, 525 Columbia St. S.W., Olympia

Link to article:

                                         Steve and Kathleen looking at a recent shot.


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